Garden Renovation Project

The renovation of a small garden in Chessington carried out in spring 2011.


                        Garage End before                                          Patio End before                                           Shed End before

This project involved completely clearing the garden, removing the old concrete path on the left hand side, rotovating and levelling the ground in preparation for the new lawn. The fence panels on the left were lifted, and concrete gravel boards installed below to protect the bottom of the panels from contact with the soil.


Preparations for the new raised patio were then made, including a brick sub-base and a low retaining wall. The patio was laid, then the new path with edgers and paved area to the side of the garage.

All the paving was then pointed, and a wooden arch installed with some climbing plants as well. Finally the new lawn was laid.


                             Garage End after                                              Patio End after                                                Shed End after

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